Battle Trivia Knockout

Time for trivia battles!


Battle head-to-head in this fast-paced trivia action game and knock out the competition! Over 1,000 new questions are both presented on screen and spoken by the Trivia Sensei. Correct answers are only half the battle... take out your opponent’s health points and score a decisive Knockout! Advance through the rounds to become the winner and ultimate Trivia Master! Play a full length game or any single match from 4 exciting game modes. 1 - 4 players local or play against up to 3 CPU players.


  • Over 1000 new questions, each spoken for easy play
  • Unique head-to-head battle format
  • Chose from 12 Trivia Quiz Fighters to represent you in battle
  • Play a full length game or any single match from 4 game modes
  • 1 - 4 players local or play against up to 3 CPU player


    Watch videos or read more on each individual game mode.



    What Makes This Game Unique & guide to brackets

    Battle Trivia Knockout has a completely fresh take on Trivia games. Players use their trivia knowledge and skill to inflict damage onto their opponents. Only the fastest and smartest players will become Trivia Master.



    Full Game Mode

    There are two ways to play Battle Trivia Knockout - Full Game Mode or Single Matches.

    Full Game Mode is the entire game, with all rounds and features that last about 30-40 minutes. In this mode, players will travel from arena to arena battling opponents and/or computer players for the title of Trivia Master.



    Single Matches

    If you are looking for a quick battle or you prefer a particular game mode, then selectone of the four available Single Matches on the right hand side of the main menu. You can play as many times as you like!


    Watch videos or read more on each individual game mode.



    Matches, Rounds and Brackets


    Battle Trivia Knockout games are broken down into Matches. Each match contains three (3) rounds where two players go head to head. The winner of the first round will battle the winner of the second round. The players who lose are eliminated until the next match or when players travel to the next arena in Full Game Mode.










    Understanding the Bracket System

    1) Let the Brackets Begin!

    Players and Computer battlers are randomly paired in groups of two at the starting round slots (Purple bracket positions at the bottom of the of the screen). Even if you are playing single player, 2 or3 players, each game will automatically add additional computer players. This is to ensure a fun and fair battling experience.



    2) First Battle

    Once the players are placed on the starting slots, the first round or 'First Battle' will highlight. The players inside the highlighted area will be battling each other.




    3) Second Battle (Round 2)

    After the winner of round one progresses to the next bracket level (the green slots), the remaining two players now battle it out in round 2.


    Please note:

  • Players who are knocked out of their round are only temporarily out of the game. Once the 'deciding battle' is complete and you are playing the full game, then eliminated players return for the next match.

  • If you are playing single matches, then once a player is eliminated, they are out of the game until the next single match is selected.



    4) Deciding Battle (Round 3)

    The two winners from Round 1 and 2 now have the chance at battling for the title of 'Match Champion'.


















    Single matches in detail

    Wheels of Destiny

    The goal of Battle Trivia Knockout is to 'knockout' your opponent with your trivia knowledge. By answering each question correctly the fastest, you will be awared the 'Attack Wheel'. The 'Attack Wheel' (Red Wheel) has many different damage amounts around the outside ring. When a player stops the wheel, the damage amount inside the gold slot/box is the amount of damage the player will deal to their opponent.


    The opponent has a chance to defend against the attacker with the 'Defend Wheel' (Green Wheel). When the opponent stops their wheel, the defend amount inside the gold slot/box is the amount of damage points they can withsand before they begin to lose health points.


  • If the defend amount is less than the damage dealt, then they will lose health points.

  • If the defend amount is eqaul or higher than the attack amount, they receive no damage.


    Watch Our Game Designer's Video Walkthrough



    Answer Battles

    Get ready for a whole new and exciting way to play trivia! In this mode, players can fight each other for the answer they feel is the one for them! Once the question is presented, players must quickly tap the corresponding answer button. Every time they tap the button, the answer box on screen moves to their side. Once players get the answer they want to their side, a padlock will appear. Players can lock in the answer by tapping until the padlock fills up and becomes bigger.


    If the player decides they want a different answer, they must stop pressing the first answer button before the answer box locks and then start pressing the new answer button they prefer.


    Players can select more than one answer at a time but they must be careful, any wrong answers the player has pulled to their side will cost them points and damage!


    Rewards (Right):

  • Correct Answer on your side - Win 1000 points (green box)
  • Any Incorrect answer on your side - you lose 500 points and take 200 damage!



    Special Tip

    Get your answer to your side, then keep pressing the answer button until the padlock looks like this. Then you can stop pressing


    Watch Our Game Designer's Video Walkthrough



    Tiles of Death

    The 'Tiles of Death' game mode is quite straight forward. The first player to answer correctly is given the opportunity to flip tiles.


  • Player can flip another tile if the tile they revealed was a green points tile.
  • Each green points tile will give the amount of points written on the tile to the player.
  • The player's turn will end when they select a cream damage tile. The amount on the damage tile will be applied to the opponent.

    Watch Our Game Designer's Video Walkthrough



    Wise Wager

    Continued from 'That Trivia Game', the game mode 'Wise Wager' is all about your confidence in being able to answer the upcomming question correctly. Players

    select the amount of their points they wish to wager. If the player answers correctly, the wager amount will be added to their score. Be careful, get the answer wrong and your scores will go negative!






    Watch Our Game Designer's Video Walkthrough



    Player Draws


    Draw Wheels

    When two players draw in a round in Battle Trivia Knockout, a special 'sudden death' mode will appear. Both players will see a pink draw wheel appear on their side of the screen. Players must decide when to stop the wheel.


  • Player who lands on a 'win' section will win the round
  • If the other player lands on 'lose' they will lose the round
  • If both players land on the same section type, then they must respin until both players land on different results. .







    Media - Screenshots & video

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    Development Credits

    Game Engine and Programming

    Damian Hodgetts

    Graphics and Animations

    Ashley Hodgetts


    Executive Producer

    Ken Lambourne

    Kungfu master / Game Host

    Ed Mace


    Game designer

    Marcus Jones

    Questions read by

    Young Choi


    Game Testing

    Sasha Vucic
    Sherri Kawa
    Kirstin Hoyt
    Drew Hoyt

    Brandon Gould


    Trivia Writer

    Damian Hodgetts


    Music composed by

    Christopher Jones


    Marketing & Brand Management

    Ashley Hodgetts