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September 2015

Battle Trivia Knockout

Battle head-to-head in this fast-paced trivia action game and knock out the competition! Over 1,000 new questions are both presented on screen and spoken by the Trivia Sensei. Correct answers are only half the battle... take out your opponent’s health points and score a decisive Knockout


Early 2015

yorbie episode 1

We have commenced development of a new next gen title. The engine, tools and pipeline have all been drastically upgraded and improved since That Trivia Game to take advantage of 'next-gen' technologies. Email us to get updates and Press Kits


Out Now - PlayStation 4

That Trivia Game

A light-hearted and quirky game show experience that gets all of your friends into the action. Over 1,000 trivia questions in 20 different categories provides hours of fun and nail-biting excitement for the whole family!