That Trivia Game

It's time for That Trivia Game!

A light-hearted and quirky game show experience that gets all of your friends into the action. Over 1,000 trivia questions in 20 different categories provides hours of fun and nail-biting excitement for the whole family!

  • Over 1,000 up-to-date questions
  • 20 different categories
  • 24 character combinations
  • 4 challenging rounds per game

    That Trivia Game first launched back in April in North America with review ratings getting up to 8/10!



    With over a thousand questions in a wide range of categories, That Trivia Game is sure to have something for everyone. And at the launch price of €9.99, that's less than 1 cent per question! When designing That Trivia Game we wanted to create a pick-up-and-play title that emphasizes the ease with which anybody could join the action for a quick game with friends and family or against the computer. One of our biggest challenges was working out how to make the game easy to use for players with different levels of gaming experience. We knew that regular gamers would be familiar with the Dualshock4 Controller, however how could me make the experience user-friendly for the non-gamers in the family? We think that our intuitive interface makes it easy to for all players toget involved in the action, even if they have never held a controller before. With 4 exciting rounds per game we needed to come up with some good trivia questions that would be challenging yet fair for all types of players. After a lot of research we came up with thousands of possible questions in over 20 different categories, as well as multiple answers to keep players on their toes. We then selected over a thousand of our favorites for the first instalment of That Trivia Game.



    Don't take our word for it, check out these reviews from US review sites: 8/10 7/10 7/10 6/10


    Development Credits

    Game Engine and Programming

    Damian Hodgetts

    Graphics and Animations

    Ashley Hodgetts

    Executive Producer

    Ken Lambourne

    Game Host

    Chris Hardy

    Motion Capture Actor

    Lea Bailey

    Trivia Writer

    Damian Hodgetts

    Game Testing

    Sasha Vucic
    Sherri Kawa
    Kirstin Hoyt
    Rikke Pedersen
    Drew Hoyt
    Marcus Jones
    Brent Black
    Jacob Jones

    Special Thanks

    Tony Champ
    Kelsi Kaye
    Beau Champ

    Marketing & Brand Management

    Ashley Hodgetts